History Of The Global TaeKwon-Do Federation

Grand Master Park Jung Tae - A Legend In Our Time

In 1943, in Kwany-Ju city, South Korea, a visionary was born, a man fated to change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people all over the worked. His destiny, presence and mission were to be one with the indomitable spirit. he was Grand Master Park Jung Tae.

Throughout his life Grand Master Park traveled extensively, acting as an ambassador of TaeKwon-Do, sacrificing his personal life to dedicate his time and efforts to its promotion and development. His wife, whom he met when he came to Canada in the early 1970's, stood by his side throughout the past 32 years and the strength of their relationship was a key factor in overcoming cultural differences on a personal level as well as a professional one. Grand Master Park's life has been filled with wonderful experiences meeting people from all walks of life and his unique style broke down bafflers of race, language and religion, and instilled unity and respect in the hearts and minds of all he taught. Today, in many countries he is referred to as "The Peoples Grand Master".

Grand Master Park was known as the technical perfectionist of TaeKwon-Do and he was sought after to share his knowledge and expertise. During the Vietnam War, he was sent to Vietnam for two years as an army combat Instructor training the Korean, Vietnamese and American soldiers. When he returned to Korea, he became heavily involved in the International TaeKwon-Do Federation (ITF). The was the Secretary General and the Technical Committee Chairman of the ITF for many years. Grand Master Park was directly responsible for the expansion of TaeKwon-Do in many countries and he was the pioneer Instructor in China, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, North Korea and Japan. In 1989, cue to political unrest within the IFT, he left that organization and in 1990 founded the Global TaeKwon-Do Federation (GTF) with the support of many TaeKwon-Do Masters and Instructors from around the globe. This non-political Federation was created with the purpose of uniting all TaeKwon-DO organizations worldwide and to bring peace and harmony to the world.

The GTF is at the forefront of TaeKwon-Do expansion, taking a new path of spiritual philosophy and development, creating a much needed new dimension of enhanced modern TaeKwon-Do. Grand Master Park has brought many Instructors to the level of Grand Master and Master within the GTF and these are the people who will continue to demonstrate and promote around the world. Our Instructors are of the highest caliber and Grand Master park was very proud of the high standards of our Federation. He always said that we should not think about winning or losing, but to appreciate the opportunity to exchange techniques and make lasting friendships. We have been very fortunate to have had such a great leaser as Grand Master Park who taught us us the true meaning of love, respect and integrity. We are truly fortunate to belong to this global family called the Global TaeKwon-Do Federation.

Grand Master Park opened up the heart of the GTF and the members joined in. That is where the source of GTF power comes from and that is why we are an inseparable force. His personal power, his smile and his gentle humbleness has touched everyone he met. Grand Master Park was a true martial artist who followed the tenets of TaeKwon-Do until the day he died.

On April 11, 2002 the TaeKwon-Do community was shocked when Grand Master Park Jung Tae, 9th Degree Black Belt, Foudner & President of the Global TaeKwon-Do Federation passed away

The death of Grand Master Park has ignited a new commitment within the GTF organization. The groundwork has been laid and the future of the GTF shines bright wit the visions of Grand Master Park as our guide. away.

The death of Grand Master Park has ignited a new commitment within the GTF organization. The groundwork has been laid and the future of the GTF shines bright wit the visions of Grand Master Park as our guide.

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