[Subject to change without notice]

All fees must be paid prior to due date.
Late fees are subject to a $10 late fee.
Students will not be allowed to participate in the class if fees are past due
Fees for classes missed due to illness or any other reason are not refundable, transferable, or postponable.
Testing fees are payable prior to the test date.

Only official Weston Warriors TaeKwon-Do School uniform is allowed.
Must be kept clean and must be worn with belt at every class.

Students must bow to the flag, instructor, and black belts upon entering and leaving the school.
(This is a sign of respect, a means of saying Hi and Bye)
Students must bow to the instructor before asking a question and after getting an answer.
All higher belts are expected to help lower belts.
Students will maintain a serious attitude at all times.
Students must address the instructor and examiner as "Sir"
Color belt students must address all black belts as Mr. or Ms.
Students will behave as TaeKwon-Do students at all times, both inside and outside of the school.
Students must request permission before leaving the class.
Students must use proper language at all times, no foul language will be tolerated.

Students must attend class regularly and at their schedule time.
Students must arrive ten minutes before class is scheduled to begin, to allow time to change into their uniform.
Every student late for his/her class, he/she must do 20 push-ups. He /she must then request permission to enter the class.
He/she who are more than 15 minutes late for class, will not be permitted to join the class.
Color belts returning after an absence of more than one year must re-start at white belt and re-test at all levels.
Black belts must train regularly in the year that follows their test in order to receive their black belt certificate.

All testing is done at the main Weston Warriors TaeKwon-Do School
Late arrivals will not be allowed to test.
To do board breaking during their test, students must be green belt and up. This is optional but recommended in order to
prepare for the black belt test.
Testing is permitted only when fees are paid up to date.
Spectators are welcome but must remain seated and quite at all times.

Proper (approved) sparring equipment is required to spare in class. (Mandatory for yellow belts and up)
Proper (approved) sparring equipment is required by all belts to spare in competitions.
(Equipment must be purchased through your instructor)

No "Free Sparring" without permission and supervision from a black belt.

Shoes, boots, sandals and all other footwear must be left in the entrance. (on the shelves)
Entering the office is not permitted.
Using the telephone is not permitted unless it is an emergency.
Smoking, eating, and drinking alcoholic beverages is forbidden in the school.
Chewing gum or eating candies while training is forbidden.
We are not responsible for lost, stolen or forgotten items.
All garbage must be thrown out, not left on the benches or in the change rooms.

Personal cleanliness is essential; fingernails and toenails must be kept short.
Jewelry (watches, rings, earrings, bracelets...) is not permitted during training.

Are welcome but must remain seated and quite at all times. Spectators and parents must also remove
their shoes/boots/sandals and must bow upon entering and leaving school.
(Please advise your guests of these rules)

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